Auto Theft Gangsters




A GTA inspired Asian-made MMO


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Auto Theft Gangsters is an Asian-made MMORPG with everything that entails in terms of game mechanics. Its main difference when compared to other titles is that this time you're fully immersed in a modern cityscape with more than handful of references to Grand Theft Auto.

With 3 unique character classes to choose from, you'll soon be on the prowl through an urban cityscape. Combat is real-time, and adheres strictly to standards within this genre. What that means for you: lots of stats, repetitive tasks and an endless amount of daily options to quickly level up.

You'll ride along with cars that'll also serve as vantage points for the whole game. Plus you'll drive around during off-road missions that take place outside the original mapping; essentially transforming this MMORPG into an arcade driving game where you race against the clock.

Auto Theft Gangsters is a peculiar Asian-made RPG with particular appeal to anyone who can appreciate the contrast between its initial premise in terms of gameplay and its thematic backdrop, in stark opposition with the usual MMORPG epic fantasy plots.
By Erika Okumura
Auto Theft Gangsters: the strange love child of GTA and Asian MMORPGs

The incredible explosion of Asian MMOs on the Android ecosystem occasionally leads to a crazy combination like this one. Although the screencaps of Auto Theft Gangsters can be misleading, this game is less of a western sandbox game and more of an Asian MMORPG, although they have some points in common. Imagine putting a GTA skin on Lineage 2. As crazy as it sounds.
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Android 2.1 or higher required.